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Campbell Tract REMOTE Data Sites

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Campbell Tract Current Conditions

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Campbell Tract Site Description

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The Campbell Tract is a field research facility operated by the UC Davis Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources. The facility is equipped with a wide range of instruments and have been responsible for major scientific advances over its history. One unique aspect of Campbell Tract is the knowledge of precise field conditions known over a long period of time. This consistency makes for an ideal backdrop to all kinds of environmental and agricultural research. From weather to crops and soil, the 72-acre site west of Highway 113 has yielded a steady stream of valuable data for faculty and graduate school researchers through the years. Campbell Tract has all the right elements for agricultural research -- a flat, homogenous field with a strong wind, blowing from a dominant direction.

Campbell Tract REMOTE Goal

In the fields researchers explore the role of wind, temperature and humidity and their relationship to water and crop growing. Modeling these chaotic conditions is nearly impossible but ultimately necessary, and Campbell Tract is designed to do just that. Perhaps the most famous research facility at Campbell Tract is an underground lab. Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger image Tucked underneath the field, the two lysimeters are virtually impossible to see from a distance. Small red flags dot the ground above the lysimeters. Down below, scientists eye the crop growth above as computers whir in the background. For more than 40 years, UC Davis's lysimeters have been collecting wind pattern and evaporation data on crops. At one point, Campbell Tract was home to the largest lysimeter in the world. Along with major scholarly research efforts, Campbell Tract is used for teaching classes, short-term student projects, thesis research, and training visiting international scholars. It provides researching and teaching facilities that complement the academic efforts of the faculty.

Campbell Tract Weather Conditions 

UCD/NOAA Climate Station

Campbell Tract Related Links 

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Campbell Tract Site Contact Info

Matthew Read
106 WS&E Fld Lab
UC Davis
Phone: (530) 304-5001

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