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Cosumnes River Preserve REMOTE Data Sites

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Cosumnes River Preserve Current Conditions

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Cosumnes River Preserve Description

Within the Sacramento/San Joaquin basin, the Cosumnes River constitutes one of the finest natural laboratories for the study of watershed-scale physical and Cosumnes River fig.1biological systems. At 1,265 sq. miles, the Cosumnes River basin is relatively small, making it appropriate and accessible for detailed study. With limited urbanization, and no significant dams, its hydrologic system is largely intact, affording a unique opportunity for monitoring and evaluation of the Cosumnes River fig.2impacts of land use change on ecosystem and watershed function. Forming a natural, uninterrupted link between the Sierra Nevada and the Bay-Delta Estuary, this river has been the centerpiece of an ambitious public/private restoration effort. For the past decade, The Nature Conservancy has been acquiring and managing Cosumnes lands, including extensive floodplain tracts containing native riparian oak woodland.

Cosumnes River Preserve REMOTE Program Goal

The overall goal of the monitoring program on the Cosumnes River is to ascertain the Aerial photo of the Cosumnes River systemhydrogeomorphic and ecologic response of the system to a floodplain restoration program using directed levee breaches to reinstate natural processes on former riparian agricultural lands for the purpose of re-creating functioning floodplains that also reduce financial losses from floods. The supporting objectives assess both methodological concerns regarding how to address geomorphic problems with multi-temporal scaling issues as well as fundamental processes of water, sediment, and contaminant transport on floodplains.

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Cosumnes River Preserve Site Contact Info

Carson Jeffres
Cosumnes Project Field Coordinator
Tercero Trailer E, UC Davis, 95616
Phone: (530) 754-5351

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