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** We are not a seller/supplier of the products below. These instruments are used for research.**

CR10X Measurement and Control System
CR23X Micrologger
6526C Starflow Ultrasonic Doppler

Measurement and Control System : Campbell Sci CR10X cr10x
  • Our most popular datalogger
  • Designed for unattended network applications
  • Consists of a measurement and control module and the CR10XWP, a detachable wiring panel
  • Stores 62000 data points (non-volatile)
  • Memory upgrades available for storing up to 1 million data points on-board (non-volatile)
  • 32K for active and user-stored programs (non-volatile)
  • Data format options are array-based (CR10X) or table-based (CR10X-TD)
  • Software support offered in LoggerNet or PC208W (full-featured) or ShortCut (programming)
  • Detachable keyboard/display, the CR10KD, can be carried to multiple stations
  • See Datalogger Comparison Table
  • Product Literature (1.1 Mbyte PDF)
  • Specifications (46 kByte PDF)
  • CR10X Datalogger Overview (185 kByte PDF)
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Micrologger: Campbell Sci CR23X
  • Ideal for either "pick-up and go" or laboratory applications
  • Compact, self-contained datalogger
  • Built-in alphanumeric keyboard/display
  • Stores 1,000,000 data points (non-volatile)
  • Memory upgrades available for storing up to 2 million data points on-board (non-volatile)
  • 16K program space (non-volatile)
  • 16K for auxillary program storage (non-volatile)
  • Data format options are array-based (CR23X) or table-based (CR23X-TD)
  • Software support offered in LoggerNet or PC208W (full-featured) or ShortCut (programming)
  • Product Literature  (344 kByte PDF)
  • Specifications (46 kByte PDF)
  • CR23X Datalogger Overview (347 kByte PDF)
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Starflow Ultrasonic Doppler : Unidata 6526C

For water flow monitoring in open channels, streams and large diameter pipes, the new Starflow Model 6526C is a unique combination of water depth and velocity sensors combined with a fully featured 120k Data Logger and software.
  • Battery powerered for use in remote locations
  • Operates in water qualities from fresh water streams to primary sewage
  • Measures forward and reverse flow conditions
  • Programmable to compute flow in pipes and open channels
  • Rain Gauge input channel
  • Flow Proportional sampler control
  • Compatible with modems
Starflow Specifications
Range 21mm/s to 4500mm/s
in both directions
Resolution 1mm/s
Accuracy 2% of measured velocity
Meas. Principal ultrasonic-doppler
Range 0 to 2m (model 6526-21)
0 to 5m (model 6526-51)
Resolution 1 mm within 0-1 m range (6526-21)
Accuracy ± 0.25% of calibrated lower range
2mm within 1-2m range (6526-21)
2.5mm within 0-2.5mm range (6526-51)
5mm within 2.5-5mm range (6526-51)
Water Temperature  
Range -17°C to +60°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Counter input 1 channel, 16 bit, 20kHz for 5-12VDC signals or potential free contact e.g. from a rain gauge
Computation flow rate per time unit and total flow (not resettable)
Channel Profile pipe, open channel, user defined
Integrated Data Logger  
Scan Interval 5 sec. to 1 week
Log Interval as Scan Interval
Memory 120kB, CMOS RAM
Storage Capacity 60,000 readings
SDI-12 1200 baud, instrument channel
Control 1 output (CMOS)
Communication RS-232, 300 to 38400bps
Output Module  
Output 1 x 4-20mA standard
2 x 4-20mA optional (via 5122A)
Resolution 16Bit
Accuracy ± 1 Bit (±0.015%)
Power Source external 11 to 18VDC (via 6905B
or 5905C)
Power Usage 3mA plus 4-20mA per output,
Operating Temp -20°C to +60°C
Size/Weight 125x80x75mm (LxWxH), 300g
Cable 9-core vented, 15 metre
Power Source external battery, 12Vdc
Power Usage 0.16Ah/day with Scan Interval
of 1 minute
Operating Temp 0°C to +60°C water temperature
Material PVC body
Size 290mm x 70mm x 25mm (LxBxH)
Weight 2kg

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