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LTRAS REMOTE Meterological Data Site

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LTRAS Current Conditions

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 LTRAS  9/30/2006 11:00AM
 Air Temperature: -21.9 °C
 Soil Temperaure: -21.9 °C
LTRAS data and graphs

LTRAS Description

Ltras fig 1The LTRAS site hosts a 100-year main experiment and various shorter-term experiments, all focussed on improving the sustainability and environmental impact of agriculture. The 100-year experiment was inspired by results from other locations showing that short-term trends can be poor predictors of long-term sustainability. At the Rothamsted Experiment Station, in England, yields in one system increased for 40 years, then decreased to near zero over the next 40 years. Soil properties that determine yields, water use, and nitrate leaching change over decades, not years. Organic matter doubled in another system at Rothamsted, but it took 75 years.


We want to understand the relationship between sustainability and external inputs. Sustainability will be determined from long-term trends in yield, profitability, efficiency in use of limited resources (such as water or energy), and environmental impact, such as leaching of nitrate or pesticides. We are monitoring trends in key soil properties, such as organic matter, weed seeds, pH, and salinity to see Ltras fig 2whether any of these are good predictors for long-term sustainability. While acting as an "early warning system" to detect gradual but potentially harmful long-term trends, we also expect to make important short-term contributions to agricultural science. Research at LTRAS will contribute to the development of more sustainable cropping systems, including both environmental and economic considerations.

LTRAS Related Links

LTRAS Homepage - "The World's Youngest 100-year Experiment"

LTRAS Site Contact Info

Prof. R. Ford Denison
Dept. of Agronomy and Range Science
One Shields Ave., Davis CA 95616 USA
Fax: (530)752-4361

Bob Rousseau
Dept. of Agronomy and Range Science
1310 PES, University of California, Davis
Phone: (530) 752-2763

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